Project Description

Sperm Donation

The term “sperm donation” refers to usage of sperm (provided by a male donor) for the purpose of insemination of a woman (who is not his sexual partner). Donor semen is mainly used to produce pregnancies in couples where the man is azoospermic (absence of sperm in the ejaculate). This condition is usually idiopathic (without etiology), but can follow disease, or sometimes vasectomy (male sterilization operation) that is not reversible. All fertility treatments involve stress and using donor semen has its own particular stresses. There are important issues that will need to be thought about and questions that may need to be answered before the start of the treatment. We offer all the time necessary and we will answer all crucial questions to make the procedure understood. Atlas Fertility provides large and diverse selection of rigorously screened sperm donors database. Please contact us for more details.