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Frequently asked questions after Embryo Transfers

Listed below are some of the most frequent questions regarding post embryo transfer activities

Please continue to take your Progesterone medication, unless advised otherwise.

Medications should only be taken if medically indicated. If you are about to commence any medications, please notify our Fertility Specialists.

If antibiotics are required, there is a clear preference for an antibiotic which is safe to use during pregnancy.

If you have drugs left over from your fertility treatment, you should return them to your clinic or to a pharmacy for proper disposal. You cannot offer your drugs, either for sale or free, to another patient.

We suggest to minimize alcohol and caffeine intake throughout treatment and to avoid smoking at all times.

If you experience bleeding, please contact our Nursing team as soon as possible.

It is perfectly normal to be anxious when going through treatment  & anticipation. Try to evolve in activities that make you feel good & stay calm. Try to avoid, as much as possible, stressors that do the opposite

yes, you may have a warm bath following an embryo transfer.