Project Description

UK Egg Donation Program

Many couples find themselves travelling abroad due to donor availability or prohibitive prices. Our special UK program enables patients to enjoy the benefits we can offer in terms of accessibility, affordability & expertise, whilst staying home. our collaboration with leading fertility clinics in the UK enables us to transport your created embryos or chosen donors’ eggs without a need to leave your daily environment.

Here is the timeline for our UK Programs:

Your enquiry will be processed within 24 hours
As part of our Egg Donation & IVF UK program we have set-up collaboration agreements with leading fertility clinics in the UK. If your clinic has not set up a Thirds Party agreement with Atlas Fertility yet we will arrange to do so.

  • Donor Characteristics form
  • Partners registration form
  • Female Patient registration form
  • Welfare of child form
  • Semen Analysis and Sperm Storage instructions form
  • Recipient Consent Form
  • Disclosure of information consent

The donor matching process begins once we have received the Donor Characteristic Form, with the description of your donor’s preferred physical characteristics. We will endeavor to match your preferences as closely as possible. Your photo will optimize the matching process. Donor, screening, compensation and consents will follow HFEA guidelines.
Please note that the requirements for ethnic donors might take longer.

Stimulation Cycle and Egg Retrieval (EGG Program):

 Once a suitable donor is selected, stimulation cycle and egg harvesting will take place. The retrieved eggs will be frozen (vitrified) and transported to your UK clinic where fertilization, embryo creation and embryo transfer will take place.


Stimulation Cycle and Egg Retrieval (EMBRYO Program)  

Prior to the commencement of the stimulation cycle, the patient’s partner’s frozen sperm sample will be deposited on onboard courier to our clinic in Cyprus where it will be used to fertilize the retrieved eggs for the purpose of embryo creation. The embryos will then be frozen (vitrified) and transported to your UK clinic by our courier.
Embryo thawing and transfer will take place in your UK clinic.