At Atlas Fertility, we cherish our egg donors.

Our Egg Donors

Our team recruits and screens a wide variety of egg donors worldwide, while adhering to strict international guidelines.

Our donors, 21-35 years of age, are available to start treatment upon request.
donor profiles include :

Age, origin, complexion, eye and hair color, height & weight, education level, occupation & hobbies.

Egg Donor Screening

Our thorough screening process is designated to make sure all our donors are healthy, free from STD’S & have regular periods.

All prospective donors undergo the following tests:

  • Blood group and Rh test
  • Full blood count
  • HBsAg, HBsAb, HBcAb IgG and IgM
  • Anti HCVAb
  • HIV 1/2 Ab
  • Ab anti-Cytomegalovirus IgG, IgM
  • HTLV I and II (carried out in donors who live in or come originally from high-prevalence areas)
  • Chlamydia (urine)
  • Gynecological examination (including ultrasound)

We, at Atlas Fertility are committed to our egg donors, therefore giving them the best individualized attention and clinical care they deserve:

All prospective Atlas Fertility egg donors undergo a thorough counselling interview to ensure they fully comprehend all aspects of egg donation & process issues that may arise.

Ensuring our donors derive from altruistic reasons.

We make sure a compensation fee is given, covering expenses directly related to the donation.

It is the sensitive, understanding approach that is in our focus in handling our donors- from the moment of first contact, through accompanying them through the procedure, to the final thank you letter they receive, showing our deep appreciation for their donation.


Here are a couple of words from our donors.

“Donating my eggs was one of the best deeds I have ever done, I know I have helped a woman become a mother, a couple being parents.

I cannot think of something more important”

Christine A.

“I figured out I can give something precious to another human being in need, I can do that!”

Sasha D.

“I’m not using my eggs right now, the fact that I can help build a family by donating them makes me feel like I am doing a great thing.

For me it might be a small gesture, but it means the world for the people I’m helping”

Nina G.

Become a Donor

Reach out to us today and see how you can help other families.